Charity Work

Due to the lack of both medical help and good education in the hills of Nepal, I have taken this step to try to build a small, one-person manageable health clinic so that seven different villages, where around 1,400 people live, can use the facility to improve their lives. They’re desperately in need of our help. Now, I’m running this campaign to raise money so my targeted project dream can come true. I can not do it alone.

I need your help. I truly believe that together we can make this happen. These are beautiful people who are like you and me, who are trying to live with a smile in peace and harmony. It’s a little help that counts. We may not change the whole world, but what matters the most is that we inspire one single individual, who could then change a hundred. That’s the real beauty of faith, destiny, and love that many of us often tend to forget.

Every year, I will be personally tour-guiding four or five people to our ULLERI village, the place of my birth. Please let me know if any one of you would like to join us for this trip. There, while passing through these little villages, in the silence of the mountains, you will feel reborn walking on those ancient trails, leading us towards the center of happiness that you’ll never forget.

To find more information about my non-profit organization, please check my website: