Everyone, I will be putting together a new book about my cab driving life to capture the true essence of human stories-of real people who were in the backseat of my taxi that would never be otherwise written. When first moving to New York, I worked for  7 different taxi-ride car services, a difficult but life-awakening experience for me. Through the chaos of traffic, angry, violent drivers and rude passengers, I coped daily with hostile environments.

Obstacles standing in every corner, overwhelmed by the darkness of city life and parking tickets plus traffic tickets that were set up as traps I had to not only manifest improving the future of my life but somehow survive the winter’s worst blizzard under the serendipity of my own will power. Faced with making little money, barely able to survive, I realized the vulnerability and uncertainty of life behind the wheel unsure of when and how trouble would arrive.



Frequently intimidated by highways and streets road rage, under madness; then being hit by reckless drivers, finding dark sadness in lonely hospital bed, swallowing the bitter pressure of fast-paced life, under financial bankruptcy, losing my vehicle, love life torn apart, I recognized the amazing grace that rose above the everyday concerns of civilized life.

People of all walks of life; good, bad and ugly including doctors, lawyers, nurses, news broadcast crews, scientists, magician, activists, engineers, psychiatrists, billionaires, Hollywood producers, people who knew Nelson Mandela, book publishers, employees of Yoko Ono, and many more took rides with me. Most paid me, some tipped me poorly, some ran off like jackals, and in light of all this, I had to always be positive and reflect the better side of me.

What appeared at first, seemed impossible but then I was to acquire mastery in dealing with each unpredictable situation, without reckoning happiness in me. Everyday, while being awakened by daggers of unseen circumstances and obstacles on my job, recognizing the fragility of human life, I’ve writing this book. “Confessions through the rear view mirror,” is the title.