About Me

Then one day, under the fate of my own destiny, running into Steve Wright, a young western tourist above our village near Ghorepani, the Poon Hill, I told him about my dream of wanting to come to America. Later through the help of his mother, Judith Wright, I landed at the airport in San Francisco, California, and began a completely new journey. For the next seven years, unable to rent a place to live, in between many odd jobs, unable to return home, between layers of nightmares while trying to get a Green Card, and sleeping inside my car, I finished handwriting my memoir. Later, on a found laptop computer on the side of Highway 17 Southbound while heading to Santa Cruz, a small town south of Los Gatos, I typed my whole book and began selling my manuscripts to people wherever I could. Then, in the darkest hour of my life, losing my dear mother back home, I headed out to Midwest, Iowa.

For the next several years, while struggling to achieve my Green Card and U.S. Citizenship, between trial and error, I headed out to the East Coast in New York, hoping to better my future. While struggling to build my future, in such a fast-paced life, after doing seventy-seven different odd jobs, and living at 94 different places all across America from the West Coast in the Bay Area to the Midwest, Iowa, and then to the East Coast in New York, in the hardest time of my life while everything went upside down I became a yellow cab driver and continued writing. Almost a decade later, I’ve written my fourth memoir, From the Top of Mount Everest to the Winding Streets of New York City. Meantime, I established the Ulleri Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) charity to help underprivileged remote mountain villages in Nepal with both education and health care matters, which has been one of my lifelong dreams ever since I left our village. For more info, please check our website www.ullerifoundation.org. N A M A S T E.