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Width : 5.5"

Height : 8.5"

Cover Type : Hard Cover Bound

Pages : 474

Printed : Kathmandu, Nepal.

From the Top of Mount Everest to the Winding streets of New York CITY

    When I first moved to New York from Midwest Iowa in 2014, many things turned upside down in my life. Unable to find a job, and a decent place to live, having to file a bankruptcy, and facing divorce, when nothing seemed to work, just when I had packed my suitcases to move away, the bank repossessed my vehicle, and I was stranded. In the midst of nowhere ness, becoming a yellow cab driver, I soon began a completely new career. Yet, what lay ahead was unknown. Being new to the industry, most garages wouldn’t rent me their taxis. Somedays, after waiting for hours, finally, when the angry and unfrienly dispatchers did hand me the keys, the engine would break down on the road, and I was nowhere again.

     Partnering with another driver on a daily basis was a big hassle. Tightening my belt, I started doing a double shift instead. Every day, driving between road rage and angry drivers was like being in a warzone. Paying weekly high costs of taxi rental fees, and barely surviving, I continued my life on the edge. People have asked me if I’ve climbed Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world. To me, coming to America from a small mountain village in Nepal, doing 77 different odd jobs, plus working for ten different ride-sharing cab companies, and getting shelter at 94 different places all across America has been seven times higher than climbing Mount Everest.

     Every day, while picking up customers on the road, in the backseat of my cabby, some laughed, some cried, some danced, some yelled. Some were too drunk, some talked about politics, and others remained silent. Some had traveled the world; others had circled their neighborhoods. Some had an easy life, others worse. Some were rich; others dirt poor. Some were married; others were divorced. Some sang, others murmured. Some paid me, others stole my money, and flew away without paying. In the end, no one was better or worse, each one with their own spirit.

      Despite obstacles, inspired by the heartfelt stories of customers in the backseat of my cabby, writing down important notes in every red light, traffic jam, taxi lot at the Airports, and parking places, jotting down my thoughts along highways, I kept devoting my time to writing. After working under 9 different ride-sharing companies, picking up people from all walks of life from over 150different countries, and adding songs of over 500 greatest artists, creating fictional jokes for over 290 world-renewed people with the ultimate idea to involve them.

      Throughout the pages, you’ll also find interesting names of cafes, bars, and restaurants being used. After colorizing thoughts and a decade of my time constantly writing, I’ve finally put together the latest edition. For your note, please know that the whole Cabby memoir is written on the basis of One degree Separation connecting the theory of The Six Degrees of Separation to show the connections between each one of us, despite the differences in how we all may look or do things for a living. Most of all, we all live under one deep blue sky. With each one of our kindnesses, even a little, we can uplift the glow of humanity on earth. N A M A S T E.

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