INEVITABLE DREAMS by Writer Khakendra Pun

Physical Attributes

Width : 5.5"

Height : 8.5"

Cover Type : Hard Cover Bound

Pages : 385

Printed : 100 Limited Edition


As a young boy, seeing many western tourists walk through our village, I dreamed of coming to America. Then one day, I met an American hiker above our village and told him all about my dream. Later, through the help of his mother, in the summer of 1991, arriving in San Francisco, I began a new part of my life’s journey. I didn’t realize the difficulties that lay ahead of me. While losing loved ones back home, battling dark thoughts while sleeping inside my car for over seven years, I kept writing my stories. From borrowing friends’ computers, walking into libraries, colleges, and university labs, to reviving a found computer lying on the side of the highway, I finished my memoir in 1998 and started selling it to people wherever I could. Finally, getting my Green Card in many years, I was able to reunite with my family in Nepal for the first time.

Then, losing my dear mother back home, I headed to Midwest, Iowa. For the next seven years, while working at factories, twenty years later, finally, I was able to get my U.S citizenship. Still, the reality of American life kept pushing me around. After losing my job in Iowa, while not knowing which way to go, I headed out to New York, only to find myself with a mountain full of problems. Just when I had given up my hope, I became a yellow cab driver. Meantime, I kept writing new stories and kept updating the memoir. Despite the closed doors of literary agents and publishers, I’ve finally put together the newest edition of my book, “Inevitable Dreams,” to share my stores with the rest of mankind. I believe the stories in my book will not only uplift people’s spirits but inspire them as they seek to realize their own dreams. N A M A S T E.

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