Khakendra Pun was born in Ulleri village. In one of the main Annapurna Trekking routes in Nepal.

A: Ulleri B: Thikhedungga C: Lamduwali village Schools.

Lainchour near Royal Palace, Mount Valley Lagankhel, Ananda Kuti Swyambunath Temple.

Beginning September 1998.

A Lost Village in the Himalayas.

Bridge Between Human Spirits.

Campbell, San Jose California.

He has written total of four memoirs.

Simple Happiness, Boarding School Days in Kathmandu, Journey FarAway from Home, Confessions Through the Rearview Mirror.

He is a cab driver in New York City.

Five. He has two older brothers and two older sisters.

He is always known by his real name, KHAKENDRA PUN.

Over 17 years.

The author Khakendra Pun himself has produced, edited, narrated the whole story including cover design.

Writer khakendra Pun

Writer khakendra Pun

Ulleri Foundation.

Yes. www.ullerifoundation.org.

His dream is to help underprivileged school children and villagers in needy parts of remote villages in Nepal.

He has appeared at DeAnza College TV program, Fairfield Iowa Radio and T.V show, Campbell Weekly Newspaper and Capitola Post Newspapers in Santa Cruz, California

The author has published his books on his own.

Singing, dancing, swimming, traveling, creating things.

Yes, he can. But the cost of shipping will have to be discussed with the author before shipping it to the provided address.

He has done 77 different odd jobs in America plus eight different cab companies in New York.

The author has lived in seventy-nine different places.

San Jose, California - Lancaster, Pennsylvania - Washington, Iowa - Woodside, New York.

Over 10,000 copies. 8,000 in manuscript formats and over 2,000 in paperback.