My Interviews

As an independent writer and documentary filmmaker, I’ve continuously faced hurdles and obstacles all along my path while trying to get my work out there. As an artist, you know it’s not easy. Sometimes, we dedicate our whole life to creating things that societies don’t know how to appreciate. You’ve heard the story of Vincent Van Gogh, whose works got known after he vanished. Sad but true. We’re bound to face mountains of challenges all along our journey. But we must remember, the pain, the hardship, the sorrows, and the tragedies that we face in life is what make us stronger in many ways. That goes to every single artist around the world who tries adding little pieces of humanity through their creation. It doesn’t matter how big or small the work is. It could be a little boy and a girl, singing songs to protect this mother earth.

While doors keep closing on us, you must learn to keep moving along with your strong spirit because, at the end of the day, nobody other than you can understand the true value of your work. So, don’t let anyone pull you down. As we know, the world is full of negative people, therefore; try keeping your distance so you can protect the sanity of your own happiness. Roads of your journey, wherever you’re trying to reach, maybe cold, harsh, and tough, but it’s very important that you keep hurdling through it; however, possible so you can understand the willpower of your own strength to exist in this world. More and more, I’ve realized there is no shortcut in life. Labor of hard work is always fruitful.

Nowadays, everyone is taught to run faster, find bigger things, and make more and more money. As some of us have noticed, walks of greed and instant gratification have both brought many levels of sickness in our societies. Therefore, try doing things looking 100 years ahead. I’ll guarantee, later on, you’ll look back and smile upon your own life. That’s the true virtue of happiness, my friends. As an underground artist, I’ve not been able to advertise myself out there, nor have I been much able to join social media, but here are few places where my stories have been written.

  • DEANZA COLLEGE Television Program – Cupertino, California
  • LOS GATOS WEEKLY Newspaper – Los Gatos, Bay Area
  • CAMPBELL WEEKLY Newspaper – Pruneyard, San Jose
  • MEN’S WISDOM CLUB – Berkeley, California
  • THE CAPITOLA POST Newspaper – Capitola, Santa Cruz
  • FAIRFIELD IOWA Newspaper – Fairfield, Iowa
  • My Interview podcast