Simple Happiness : My life in the village

Growing up in the village life was simple. We grew our own food and lived happily with what we had. According to the season, we ran around our village mountains and ate wild fruits. Driven by the joy of life, under mother sky, we smiled and ploughed our own fields. As festivals arrived, we sang and danced. Winter long, unable to afford jackets, we covered ourselves with blankets and kept ourselves warm. To those who were in need, we opened our arms and gave them what we had. Kindness was the key factor of our lives to hold humanity closer.

Upon falling onto difficulties, sitting on those stones, we let our own will power heal our spirits. When seeing a new person on the road, we greeted them with joy. We meant to connect with their spirits. When loved ones went faraway, we held their love within our hearts and waited until they returned home. Avoiding instant gratification in life, we did things without harming other fellow human beings including creatures that shared life around us. When someone walked by, with dignity and respect we stepped aside and let them pass by with smile.

During Monsoon season while heavy rain poured, often landslides killing people, we lived under our own fate. Throughout winter, rhododendron bloomed everywhere in the forest, making bees dance from one flower to the other. In silence, listening to Neuli birds sing in far distance we were inspired, forever. Under that warm & bright sunlight, while marigolds bloomed in the terraces, we were able to smile upon life. Please know that my book holds 31 chapters and has 226 pages with color photographs. For now, this book is available only on PDF/E-Book version.

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